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  • Soft Tissue Therapy
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  • Rehabilitation
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Southeastern Indiana Spine and Rehab Center

About Us

Southeastern Indiana Spine & Rehab Center is a human performance institute where all diagnostics and treatment is centered on results. Southeastern Indiana Spine & Rehab Center offers innovative soft tissue therapy, advanced chiropractic technique, rehabilitation, acupuncture and massage. It is our goal to return you to your active lifestyle in the shortest timeframe possible.

Southeastern Indiana Spine & Rehab Center utilizes a team approach between Dr. Maple and the patient to successfully treat the condition at hand. Dr. Maple will provide comprehensive care in the office while the patient will continue the care on their own at home. The patient will be given an individualized home program that may consist of stretches, exercises and lifestyle modifications tailored to each patient and their goals. This is a critical part of treatment in order for the patient to get better quickly and prevent future incidents.

Southeastern Indiana Spine & Rehab Center will base treatment around a functional model. Dr. Maple will use a functional examination to analyze each patient. A functional exam includes an evaluation of the area of concern as well as other areas that might not be as obvious; however, may be the cause of the pain. This may include examining how the jaw is moving in cases of headaches and observing a patient walk in cases of low back pain. In the example of low back pain; Dr. Maple wants to know how the hip, knee and foot move and function as this could be a cause of the low back hurting. This functional model will allow Dr. Maple to address the entire body and improve overall strength, stability and mobility for each individual patient.

Dr. Maple and his staff at Southeastern Indiana Spine & Rehab Center would love the opportunity to serve you in your current and future health endeavors. Southeastern Indiana Spine & Rehab Center is dedicated to provide you with exceptional care where they are "Centered on Results".