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Southeastern Indiana Spine and Rehab Center


Do you only treat sports injuries?
Although Dr. Maple does treat sports injuries, he does not only treat athletes. Dr. Maple treats patients from both ends of the life spectrum and everyone in between. Dr. Maple treats a wide variety of conditions from sports injuries to work related over use injuries to jaw pain and pregnancy pain to the everyday aches and pains from childhood to the elderly, as well as preventative care.

How is Southeastern Indiana Spine & Rehab Center different from most chiropractic offices?
Just like our name implies, Southeastern Indiana Spine & Rehab Center is not an ordinary chiropractic clinic. The center operates as a human performance institute utilizing innovative soft tissue therapy through Active Release Techniques; advanced chiropractic adjustments; evidence-based rehabilitation and acupuncture.

Once you go to a chiropractor, is it true I have to keep coming back the rest of my life?
Absolutely not! The staff at Southeastern Indiana Spine & Rehab Center prides themselves on getting their patients better in the shortest timeframe possible. By incorporating the patient/doctor relationship where the patient actively participates in the rehabilitation process, the patient will be kept out of the office sooner and longer.

What effect does a chiropractic adjustment have on joints?
A chiropractic adjustment will restore motion to joints that are not moving like they should. Often times when joints are not moving; this causes excessive motion in joints in close proximity which directly relates to arthritis. Dr. Maple is highly trained to know when and when not to adjust certain areas.

What can I expect on my first visit?
You will need to arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment in order to fill out the new patient paperwork. Upon completion of the paperwork, Dr. Maple will perform a thorough case history, neurological, orthopedic and functional exam. Based on all exam results Dr. Maple will formulate an individualized treatment plan to fit your specific goals and help you reach them in the shortest timeframe possible.

Is it safe for me to visit the chiropractor if I am pregnant?
Yes. Dr. Maple has completed special training beyond the normal chiropractic curriculum in conservative treatment approaches for pain associated with pregnancy. Dr. Maple will have a multidisciplinary relationship with your Ob/Gyn to coordinate the most effective and conservative care to allow you to enjoy your pregnancy pain free.

Do chiropractors refer patients to other specialists?
Yes. Even though we feel we are the best place for your musculoskeletal conditions; we recognize there are times other specialists are needed to provide the patient with the most effective treatment. Dr. Maple will be sure to refer you to who he feels is the absolute best practitioner for your condition.

Do you accept insurance?
Dr. Maple is currently in network with Anthem, Aetna, Cofinity and Healthspan. If you do not see your insurance provider listed, give the office a call to see if we are now in network with your carrier.