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Southeastern Indiana Spine and Rehab Center

Treatment Info

Active Release Technique (ART®)
ART is a new and highly successful approach to diagnoses and treatment of soft tissue. Soft tissue is made up of muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves. More than half of human bodyweight is soft tissue, so it's no surprise that it is often a source of pain and dysfunction. ART can be used to treat almost any soft tissue structure in the body as well as most conditions whether it may be carpal tunnel, shin splints, rotator cuff tendonitis, tennis elbow, sciatica, headaches or plantar fasciitis to name a few. ART often results in increased range of motion, enhanced strength and improved circulation which optimizes the healing process. Medical research currently refers to ART as the most effective muscle technique for treating soft tissue conditions. Most college, professional and Olympic athletes choose ART as their rehabilitation treatment approach.

Dr. Maple is full body certified in ART (upper extremity, lower extremity and spine) as well as an ART Ironman Provider where he travels around the United States to work at Ironman triathlon events and treats the racers.

Chiropractic Manipulative Technique
Often times a patient will have a joint that is fixated (loss of motion), so the doctor will utilize chiropractic manipulation or an adjustment to restore normal function and motion in a joint. This is usually done by gentle pressure or a shallow thrust to restore optimal motion in a segment. This is when you will sometimes hear a popping noise, which is nothing more than some nitrogen gas being released.

Functional Rehabilitation
Often times poor posture, improper lifting mechanics and/or fitness training mistakes/injuries lead to faulty movement patterns made by the human body. These faulty movement patterns over time can catch up with the patient and cause pain in muscles and/or joints. In order to effectively treat these faulty movement patterns caused by daily activities, Dr. Maple incorporates functional rehabilitation into his practice. Functional rehabilitation is used to retrain muscles, restore normal joint function and prevent recurring injuries. This is done by giving patients clinical advice for lifestyle modifications, hands-on treatment protocols and specific functional exercises to help patients regain normal function and return patients to their normal active lifestyles. Most importantly, functional rehabilitation can prevent frequent, reoccurring trips to the doctor's office.

Acupuncture works by stimulating one or more key points on the body via a very small, thin needle restoring harmony to the area being treated. Acupuncture can be used to treat thousands of conditions whether they may be musculoskeletal or internal disorders. A few examples are low back pain, headaches, arthritis, sciatica, knee pain, sleep disturbances, digestive issues and even infertility to name a few.

Care of Temporomandibular Joint
The TMJ is also known as the jaw joint. It is used every time we move our mouth whether to talk, chew or even swallow. The TMJ is very complex and very often can become dysfunctional which can cause pain. The patient may experience pain in the jaw or face, popping or clicking during chewing, limitation of jaw opening, or even headaches.

Dr. Maple is highly trained in the evaluation and treatment of this condition. His very conservative approach to treatment of the jaw consists of a detailed examination of the joint itself and its function, as well as the function of the cervical spine (neck). Treatment focuses on first releasing the tension of the proper soft tissues, in some cases mobilizing the jaw or manipulating the neck, and then teaching the patient how to retrain proper jaw motion with rehabilitation exercises. The goal of the treatment is to restore proper function of the jaw and stabilize its motion.

Care for Musculoskeletal Pain in Pregnancy
Around the 28th week of pregnancy the body increases a hormone (relaxin) that helps relax the pelvic joints to allow for development and delivery of the baby. During this time adjusting is rarely performed for the low back and pelvis.

Dr. Maple is highly trained to treat pregnant women very conservatively who are suffering from musculoskeletal pain. After his very detailed examination to find the cause of your pain, Dr. Maple will utilize specific soft tissue treatments and exercises. Dr. Maple will work hand-in-hand with your Ob/Gyn to provide a safe, natural alternative to some prohibited medications for your pain. He ensures his pregnant patients will enjoy excellent results with the assurance that their body and their baby’s health will not be jeopardized.

Golf Performance Enhancement
Dr. Maple is trained through the Titleist Performance Institute to treat golfers with specific physical limitations prohibiting them from hitting a golf ball to the best of their ability. Dr. Maple has been trained to assess a golfer's physical condition in terms of strength, mobility, stability and biomechanics through 20 plus golf specific screens. Once Dr. Maple finds the key link of the golfer's physical limitation, he can design a program to improve distance, decrease the likelihood of injuries and achieve better golf performance.

Yoga Therapy

What is Yoga Therapy?

"Yoga therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application and the teachings and practices of Yoga"

- International Association of Yoga Therapists

Yoga is beneficial for health on various levels, many of which modern medicine is just beginning to understand. It is true that in essence, all yoga classes can be therapeutic. It's also true that not all group classes are appropriate for everyone, depending on their current health situation.

Yoga therapy is a holistic healing art. It uses a wide breadth of practices tailored to the clients goals. It focuses on health and wellness at all levels; physical, psychological and spiritual. Yogic teachings provide a broad scope of approaches for integrative care. In the practice of yoga therapy, yogic tools are individualized for optimum health and wellness. Although yoga is widely perceived as a physical exercise in the west, there are many aspects of yoga that can benefit anyone who chooses to practice them, regardless of physical condition.

A few yoga practices commonly taught during a therapeutic session are:

  • Breath practices
  • Mediation instruction
  • Physical postures
  • Lifestyle recommendations

These self-regulatory, stress reducing techniques have shown to be helpful in easing suffering a variety of conditions ranging from the psychological to the physical.